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Unconditional Love and A Child Named Infertility

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Grief and Loss, Mindfulness | 0 comments

I encourage you to approach “infertility” as you would a young child; as an act of unconditional love.

I’m talking about living a life while trying to conceive that is driven by gratitude more than by fear.

This is a very good way to become a Mother or become anything, really, that calls to your heart and brings you to life.

Do you have the courage to bring forth the child hidden within you?

When was the last time you felt unconditional love for yourself, abiding joy and an all encompassing appreciation for LIFE?

To get to this hidden treasure, you have to “Mother” the voices inside that say,

“How could this possibly help me conceive a child?”
“I was not meant to be a Mom.”
“I shouldn’t have had that abortion in college.”
“This is my fault.”
“There is something inherently wrong with me.”
“I should be pregnant already.”
“My doctor will figure this out for me.”
“My diagnosis is a fact – I am infertile.”
“I have a disease.”
“I am a victim of this pain.”
“This is unfair.”
“How could God do this to me?”
“I’m not enough, I don’t have enough.”
“I am or I will be all alone.”
“This is my birthright.”

As many of you know, I am doing a 7-day whole foods detox presently. On Sunday I fully eliminated sugar, caffeine, gluten, dairy, processed food and as I shifted my eating habits, I noticed a subtle yet profound fear arise.

A small part of me was scared that I wouldn’t have “enough” to eat. I just held this small part tight and let her panic. Then I whispered quietly in her ear “I gottcha. You have more than enough,” like a Mother would.

She is with me while I write this, my fear of “not enough.”

And the truth is, I usually feed my fear, instead of acknowledge her. She routinely gets swallowed not held.

There is something so potent about shifting habitual, unconscious patterns (especially around food).

Taking away what we rely on teaches us where it is that we are holding back our love.

What would happen if you held “infertility” close, as you would a young daughter; as an act of unconditional love?

I wonder then, if you’d discover an appreciation for whatever made her.

I hope you’ll join us.

All my very best, always,


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